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Text Box: LookAround360 is…
A company which is bringing you the advantages of 360* photography. This kind of photography basically means that everything you can see from the camara point of view, will be shown in the photo. The viewer can move the focus anywhere, even zoom in and out! 
There are a wide range of applications this could be used for. The most obvious is for the real estate market for selling and letting, but also think about the benefits for holiday homes, bars, restaurants, museums who all could use it as an extra online advertisement.
We offer you not only the 360* photography but we could also arrange still photos, crea-ting the website for it and host it on our server. All in a complete package with pricing you might be pleasantly surprised with. 
As the realism of 360* photography cannot be beaten you are able to give the client a lot more info which in reality will set you apart from the competition! Make yourself noticed using 360* photography to give your client the “what you see is what you get” experience.
Please find listed below the different possibilities we can offer, along with the pricing Text Box: Although our company is not permanently based in the Algarve yet, we operate from the   Albufeira area which, because of the central location, makes it easy for us to work throughout the whole of southern Portugal. 
However, please don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you think you might be too far away, as we will always be prepared to be of assistance to you.
Text Box: LookAround360... Let your property stand out amongst others...!!

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Text Box: LookAround360                              contact Mr. H. Buijnink at Info@LookAround360.eu 
Text Box: Have you ever experienced a visit to either a rental property, museum, restaurant or property for sale, which in reality was nowhere near what you expected it to be like with accompanying photos? after seeing the advertisement with according photo's? Well we have... and it’s such a pity. 
You can spend a long time planning a visit mostly based on what you’ve seen in pictures so it's always disappointing if, in reality, it’s not as you expected. To prevent your clients from experiencing this we can offer you a 360* photography package enabling you to see completely around specific areas giving a true representation of any property. Whether it’s a sitting room or garden, bedroom or kitchen, it doesn't matter to us… you choose!
Below you can find the basic package and the most popular options we offer. If you would like something different just contact us and we’ll see what we can do. We’re flexible so hopefully we can look forward to your order soon.
Text Box: Our basic package for a 360* photo shoot of any object such as a villa, townhouse, apartment, gardens etc. consists of the following;
Includes up to 5 360* scenes
Includes up to 5 still images
Includes 12 months of free hosting on our server
Advert text to be provided by the client
							        Package price of € 300,-
Text Box: Besides the above package we offer the following additional options;
Up to 10 extra still images							€   50,-
Additional still image exceeding the above 10				€     5,- each
Additional 360* scenes							€   50,- each
Additional year of hosting on our server					€   20,-
Adding your own logo to the online advertisement				€   75,-
Text Box: All of the above prices are excluding  V.A.T. / taxes. As we are not permanently based in the Algarve yet we will consult and agree the date of the shoot with the client. Before a shoot takes place the final pricing, according to client’s needs, will be confirmed. When the shoot is completed we will create the website and put it on-line after which we’ll kindly request full payment within 2 weeks.
Text Box: Link to some recent references we’ve done;
Entrada da Costa, Albufeira		(penthouse)
Encosta da Balaia, Branqueira	(townhouse)
Bosque, Olhos D’Agua		(apartment)